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Key-Lock Bolt-Action Video
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The Security Products Proprietary
Key-Lock Bolt Action Safe System

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Security Products is the only Safe manufacturer that offers the exclusive recessed locking system.  The advantages will become evident as you read further and view the video.

  Key-lock Bolt-Action Safe Video
  Key-lock Safe Video
We have created what we believe is the most secure safe locking system in the world and have been providing it to our customers since our inception in 1974. 

How It Works:
Deep Recessed Non-drillable Locks

When you combine our recessed locks with our retractable bolt-action mechanism which utilizes 1" stainless steel bolts (not chromed), you have truly chosen the most secure and tool resistant safe combination on the market today.

Even if you decide to go with our key-lock only safe, you are protected with recessed locks that can't be drilled, punched, pried or forced open.  As stated, it would require in excess of 25,800 pounds of force to force these locks and it has never been done in over 30 years of manufacturing safes for sportsmen and collectors.

We continue to offer electronic, bio electronic (finger print)  and combination locks for our customers that request them. Our goal is to provide the very best safes available and your satisfaction always comes first.

Made in America


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